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I'm Lauren! I am a yarn dyer by day and knitwear designer by night. Basically, all the yarn, all the time. I started lolodidit over 8 years ago, and it's still what I love to do.

I'm all about color, texture, and having a good time doing it! Yarn and the fiber arts are hobbies and should bring us joy. The community we have built over the years expresses that every day, and I couldn't be more grateful for all of your support and love! 



I love the simplicity of knitting, it's just one stitch at a time. Rhythmic, meditative, and relaxing. I always strive for my patterns to be that. Simple to accomplish, easily memorizable motifs, and a piece you or your loved ones will continue to gravitate toward. 

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On top of yarn dying, and designing, we also own a small sheep farm and homestead. You can follow our adventures on YouTube!



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Family-owned, my husband Trey (lovingly nicknamed Mr. Lolo by you) and I work together daily to bring you amazing yarn! 

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